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Nice to meet you all, I’m Daniel Cooper! The biggest achievement of my life is my family. I’m 57 and I have two kids, Garry and Maggie, and four wonderful grandchildren: Sally, Jim, Monica and Molly. When they come to see me and my wife, my heart fills with joy! For a moment, the whole house becomes a scene of bustling activity and I feel 20 years younger. Though I can spend days playing with my little angels, I have to go to work sometimes. I’m a visiting lecturer at the University of Georgia. I teach at the Laddar Dodd School of Art and take pleasure in communicating with students. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that we teach each other!

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How Leonid Afremov and me deceived Mrs Cooper

An evening almost ruined and miraculously saved

On our wedding anniversary, I took Mrs. Cooper to a cozy café. The weather was rainy that day but it couldn’t spoil our holiday. The dinner was delicious and we enjoyed our time. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a camera with us. However, I saw a street painter outside. He made a sketch of the café at once and gave me his telephone number. But when I decided to call the guy, I couldn’t find his note! I must have lost it somewhere! Upset Amelia was the last thing I wanted to see. That’s why I started to search for a proper canvas in the internet. And I found it! My wife was in the seventh heaven though she’s still unaware of the trick! Take a look at the famous café painting by this link.

A thrilling finding I’d like to share

So who is he, the man that made my wife smile? His name is Leonid Afremov. As a professor of Fine arts, I can tell you for sure – he’s a genius! If you visit his website, you’ll find all the necessary information about his career and artistic philosophy. When I received the painting, it came with a certificate signed by Leonid himself. Such a nice bonus!
Returning to the canvas, I’d like to point out some of its visible and hidden benefits:

  • Firstly, the name of the café is the same as in our city! I couldn’t believe my luck!
  • Amelia loves patches of light and dark blue in the corners of the canvas. She says the rain was knocking at the café door that night. She’s so romantic!
  • The green above the café sign and outside the building adds a kind of refreshing effect to the picture. It reminds me of the vine-shrouded walls in our garden.
  • Seems that the street lamp is on guard. Its lights twinkle in the windows of the café and on its signboard, they dance in the puddles on the road. And everything around this magical place drowns in warmth.

The canvas by Leonid Afremov kind of reminds me of the famous painting ‘Café terrace at night’ by Vincent van Gogh. Yes, he’s a world-known artist, but unfortunately his time of glory has passed. It’s time for new names! Mr. Afremov’s technique is surely very emotional and dynamic. His works are both realistic and surreal, exquisite and unsophisticated. You don’t have to sit for hours staring at the canvas and trying to understand what that red blot in the middle of the landscape means. But there is certainly a lot of depth in these exuberant, colorful images. I’d say his motto is ‘See, admire, keep admiring.’ And that’s exactly how I and Amelia try to live!



Our personal oasis

After work, I help Mrs. Cooper in the garden. She usually wears a big yellow hat, so it’s easy to recognize her among the trees. She never sits idle. She’s like a butterfly that flies from one flower to another – beautiful and industrious. My wife takes care of her plants as if they were our children. I like when she sings while gardening – that inspires me. Actually, she’s never in a bad mood. If you ask me how she manages it – I really don’t know. Even I can’t help complaining or scolding sometimes, but Amelia… she doesn’t give vent to her emotions. One more secret of our happy marriage is a common goal. Every day we look after hundreds of roses and tulips to surround our grandchildren with beauty. Of course, they’re too small to understand how important the energy of nature is. But at least I want them to have the best memories about childhood. In the evening, our garden looks different. We bought some of these lamps and put them all over the place. Little Sally believes them to be Christmas lights and waits for Santa to arrive. It’s hard to talk her out but we try. Now she can hardly wait for Easter Egg Hunt.

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